Different Leather

Top Grain Leather

The first layer of the leather has the original skin characteristic with vivid pores and skin texture. It is composed of nap-like stratum fibrosum (each cow leather differs from density and length of the nap) and excessive layer which is looser and closely attached to the stratum fibrosum. It presents good intensity, elasticity and plasticity.
Jisoncase uses the wax-sealed first layer of cow leather. There is no decoration on the surface of the skin other than dyeing. The surface of the leather shows clear texture,strong dimensional and smooth feelings after the wax is applied and water polished.


Fashion Microfiber Premium Leatherette

The full name of micro fabric is “micro fiber enhanced PU leather”. The micro fiber PU synthetic leather represents the development direction of man-made leather. Because it has the most similar features of natural leather, it presents great wearability, cold resistance, breathability, anti-aging ability. It is well used and introduced by the great designer across the world.
High tear strength and tensile strength. Good folding enduranceļ¼Œcold resistance and anti-mildewed. The final product has thick and rich feeling that has a good simulation of leather. It contains low level of VOC(volatile organic compound). The surface can be clean easily. It has the similar structure of natural leather.


Ostrich leather

Ostrich leather is one of the most precious and top grade leather in the world. It is soft, lightweight, stretchy, air permeable and wearable. The natural texture on the leather is formed by the protuberant pores, making a unique round-dot pattern. It also provides good breathability.
The Ostrich leather we use is imported from Australia. Each of them has its own unique pattern. The texture on the ostrich leather cases randomly appears on the leather. Each case is made from different part of the leather, therefore none of the texture will share the same pattern.